Week 12: Writing for Spaces in Business: A FAQs Page

Week 12: Writing for Spaces in Business: A FAQs Page

(Disclaimer:  This posting is an exercise for a class called Writing for Digital Media, JOMC 711 at UNC-CH.  The author is in no way affiliated with the publication below; she is writing an imaginary FAQs page for it.) EDIBLE PIEDMONT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Edible Piedmont? Edible Piedmont magazine is a local food-focused publication … Continue reading

Week 9: We the People

(DISCLAIMER:  The following posts are exercises for a class on writing for digital media, JOMC 711 at UNC-CH.  The organizations or job listings mentioned in this post are purely fictional.) ORANGE NEWS TODAY CORRECTIONS POLICY Orange News Today (ONT) strives to provide accurate, honest, fair, credible, and factual online reporting.  Corrections are made to online … Continue reading

Week Five Assignments

1.  Headline Rewrites Headline #1: Eden swears in first youth council Problem: Awkward.  Reader may think someone used bad language in a youth meeting.  In this case, the phrase “sworn in” is more easily understood and familiar than “swears in. Solution: Eden’s First Youth Council Sworn In Source: rockinghamnow.com, September 23, 2012, http://www2.rockinghamnow.com/news/2012/sep/23/eden-swears-first-youth-council-ar-2228257/ Headline #2:  … Continue reading

My Other Mother, 2nd edition

American, native Southerner, lifelong North Carolinian: that’s me.  I’ll save tackling the experience of being American for another day, and try here to give you a glimpse of my early youth in 1960s Piedmont North Carolina.  Yes, I’m that old. Long Ago and Far Away One of my earliest memories is of her, the woman … Continue reading

Notes on “Selective Hospitality”

Alyson, thank you for taking me on a gracious tour of Greenville, SC, in your aptly-titled piece Selective Hospitality.  The ups and downs of your relationship with your beloved hometown were described carefully and clearly. I loved the way you began with a dialogue between you and your mother on the day you’re driving off … Continue reading